Tuesday, November 16, 2010

take it, leave it, maybe take it

I have a love/hate relationship with Arcade Fire. I bought Funeral back in 2004 and enjoyed it for a number of months before growing away from them. Zip for me and the band over the last five years even as they exploded in 2007 with their second album. The music was good and I'm not sure what to pick at if asked to explain my distance. But it's there: no desire to see them live and no concerns about whether or not they put out another album. The funny part is that often they'll be compared to Cloud Cult in the bombastic and orchestral areas but it goes wanting when I try to see the similarities. Regardless, I bought the new album a few months ago when they were again sprung upon us as the saviors of indie music. I still don't know. I like the energy but they seem like such hipsters to me and that somehow pushes me away. I know, it's unfair. The only people who don't want to be hipsters, in whatever mold, are nobody. Here they are doing my favorite song from the newest CD.

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