Tuesday, August 10, 2010

sing along

I have a lot of stuff rolling around in my head.

I have a dream of some project that will marry up some of my favorite songs to some of the art here in D.C. Consider it a podcast kind of thing that can be downloaded for viewing on your computer or added to your iPod for walking around town and thinking of me. It’s probably something that’s too big to get engaged in but I’m going to give it a try. It manifested itself while I was watching It Might Get Loud, a documentary with Jack White, The Edge, and Jimmy Page talking about guitar-ing. It’s a long(er) story of how it developed in my head and that’ll have to wait until I have a good go on the project.

We had dinner last Friday night at the Greek Taverna with the CorKat and enjoyed an outdoor table. They have a trellis (?) / deck cover that has wine grapes growing on it so I inquired about stealing a bunch to start a natural bread dough starter at home: just flour, water, and grapes. The grapes provide the local fungus that gives the starter its lift/yeast but you have to give it three or four days of growth to get it rolling. I’ve been feeding it each morning on the way out the door (30g of flour and 30ml of water) so I suddenly feel as if there’s a dog I must walk each day. I’ll give it another four or five days before making a first loaf and then work/feed it on and off to keep it alive and happy. (It can be refrigerated for two or three days at a time without feeding.) I’ll keep everyone updated because this is surely something that will slide you onto the edges of your seats.

I have my B & P midterm tonight and tomorrow with not much worry: brioche, biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, pie, and yeast rolls. We’ll prep everything tonight and bake tomorrow night. What’s that you say? No laminated breads? Correct. You can’t really ask four-week-in ‘bakers’ to rack out croissants and pastries at a mid-term. My team will do just fine. Did I tell you that we did ballotines and galatines in Garde Manger last week? Don’t see that everyday…

The homestead is still quiet, sans children, so our evenings are at peace.

I could open up a pile of rage at these days’ events but I’ll hold it in for now.

Who needs it?


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