Friday, January 22, 2010

a peep from a kitchen

I’m settling into my second week of culinary classes but still have a few fixes to implement: getting up earlier on Thursday and Friday mornings, using my Saturday afternoon dead-time (I have an 8-11:30am class and a 6-10:30pm class) to get a bit of work done, and sorting out travel. In case you’re wondering, I have class Thursday night (6-8:30pm) and Friday night (6-10:30pm) along with my Saturday courses. Last week we were working on knife cuts (yikes) and stocks, with mother sauces and soups on tap this weekend.

L. is settled into the house with her room in shape. We’ll probably try to paint the walls over the next few weeks in order to brighten it up. Honestly, the walls could have used a coat when we moved in a few years back. She has some sample card on the shelf and she and X will come up with a choice at some point.

We had a little scare on the school as they caught me out on paying for the semester up front. After some discussion between the headmaster, the finance person, and I, we managed to sort out a four-month plan that’ll be very tight for us but will work in the end. The third quarter starts on Wednesday so L.’s long(er) winter break will finally be over. She’s heading into D.C. this morning on the Metro to hit the museums again while the crowds are sparse this time of year.

Here’s my political input for the week: piss off, Ben Nelson. The senate election in Massachusetts has changed the landscape a bit – nothing I’m overly worried about in the long run – but at least with the Democrats having only 59 senators (or if they’d have had 61 before), ol’ ‘Dumbass’, Ben Nelson, can’t hold everyone in the country hostage to his whims. I cannot believe anyone would vote to re-elect him after his performance.

There was rumor of some snow today – and through the weekend – but it end up just spitting a bit this morning.

Maybe by Sunday you’ll get another update.


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