Friday, November 06, 2009

mug shots

Here are few mugs from the last week; before they become stale. The first two are from the piano recital last Sunday. Why is it that recitals are, more often than not, held in a church? As if being 12 and trying to play some damn song isn't bad enough, they make you do it in a church. Believe me, I remember it well.

We decided that G. managed to break the land-speed record in his playing of Go Tell Aunt Rhody. Both boys were actually very good and I took everyone for gelato afterwards. Well, I took myself for gelato for my suffering and they happened to be in the car.

On Halloween we hosted the ulpan for Mavis' birthday party. It was smallish but fun. Between Mavis, G, H, Q, and Aida it worked out well; after the party part everyone headed out to The Hilltop for the candy grab.

Here's the birthday girl. Shhh, no need to ooh-and-aahs...she already knows she's cute and it's, quite frankly, embarrassing. I've had some good looking daughters in my life - I know from cute. Nice frock.

I only give you this last one to demonstrate how I am king of my castle. The cats aren't allowed in our room; this is all based mostly upon their initial arrival when I wasn't sure I wouldn't be allergic to them. The rule has remained in force simply because I don't really want cats all over our lovely bed. This is how we seem to find them of late; my domain (and bed) is clearly in jeopardy. Neither of them have an ounce of respect for me.

I need soldiers....

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